Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chapter 18 - The End

Talk me down, safe and sound, too
Strung up to sleep
Wear me out
Scream and shout
Swear my time's never cheap
Overground, watch this space
I'm open to falling from grace.

Ch 18

BizNasty2point0: To my Biznatches…what shaving cream do u recommend to shave your legs with?

“These heels are outrageous!” I squeaked as the caught the spike of my stiletto caught in the rug that led out to the back patio of the Doan house; I almost dumped the spiked punch all over myself in the process.
“That’s alcohol abuse if you drop a drip of that onto the patio, Miss Bee!” Shane quipped as I steadied myself and set the bowl down.
“If it wasn’t for your wife insisting I wear this outfit with these shoes, no fouls would be had,” I cried as I stomped my foot.
“If it wasn’t for my wife, I would have never known that you could look like a hot hooker,” he chuckled as I tried chasing him down to smack him in the head.  “I’m just kidding Ari, you don’t look like a hooker.  You look like a prim and proper lady that is so going to get laid tonight by Biz.”
This just prompted me to scowl and shoot a pleading look at Andre as she walked out onto the porch to see what the commotion was about.  She looked hot in her sexy cowgirl outfit that matched up with Shane in his own cowboy get-up.
“Your husband is being a pervert!” I whined as I shot a silly glare at Shane.
“That’s nothing new,” she said as she walked over and kissed him on the cheek, basically condoning his behavior.  I just rolled my eyes and walked back into the house to finish up my make-up.  I just put on my “bee antennae” when I heard the music start, causing my heart to skip a beat with excitement.
Paul must be here.
Before walking back outside with a food tray that Andrea had asked me to take out to the table, I quickly pulled the material of my costume down over my butt, hoping it was covering more than it felt.
“You can keep tugging on that material, but it ain’t going to cover more than it is; so you might as well get on with it and strut yourself past Biz,” Andre giggled, after catching me in my worried moment.
“Who says I want to flaunt it for Biz?” I hissed.
“Cuz girl, after you told me Taylor is bringing Rachel tonight, I’m pretty sure that spells out that you made a decision,” she said as she handed me the tray.  “Now get your hot butt out there and put the cheese and cracker tray on the table like a good bee,” she coaxed as she slapped my ass, causing me to cringe when I heard the slap echo throughout the kitchen.
Here goes nothing…
I carefully stepped over the carpet and outside onto the patio, not even daring to look directly over at Paul.  However, through peripheral vision, I could tell that he was turned the other way.  At least I think it was him.
A little smile came across my face as I celebrated my feat of making it across the patio without tripping as I placed the tray on the table.  The smile on my face congealed in horror as I turned to find “Lady GaGa” leaning over the DJ equipment, rerouting some wires. 
“Oh no you did not!” I squeaked out in shock, causing Paul to spin around.  He was wearing little white boy-shorts and a cropped top with silver-glittered circles all over it, complete with pouffy taffeta sleeves.  He had on a short, bleach blonde wig with oversize sunglasses and was clean shaven from head to toe.  Sadly enough, Paul looked more of a woman than Lady GaGa.  I froze due to my astonishment and just watched in awe as he skillfully walked over towards me his white platform, knee high boots with a cocky grin on his face. 
I stood still as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me against him and his fake cushion-y boobs.  “Will you be my queen bee and sting me, sexy SeƱorita?  I’ll be your Alejandro of course.” he growled into my ear.
“I don’t sting people whose gender I am questioning at the moment,” I choked out.
At that remark he stepped back and stuck a pose, “So, you think it looks good?”
“You look fucking awesome!” I exclaimed, finally getting a grip.  “How long did it take you to shave?”
“A while because it hurt so damn bad until I realized it worked a lot easier in the shower with shaving cream,” he exclaimed as he turned to show me his left calf covered in razor burn.  He then turned back around and pulled me into his arms again, cupping my ass and squeezing hard with his large hands.  “So, can I take you behind the shed and show you how much of a man I really am?” he growled into my ear.
I tried to wriggle away from his grip but he held me against him tightly, making it impossible for me to get away.  “I think I already know how much of a man you are…”
“But I want you so bad right now.  The way your ass looks, makes me think that I should be taking a bite out of it to extract the honey from you.  Damn girl, you sure know how to drive me crazy,” he grumbled before crushing my lips underneath his.  His kiss was so hot that I literally felt myself melting into him out on the patio.  I vaguely heard people arriving, but it didn’t really seem to matter.  He makes me lose complete control.  As abrupt as the kiss started, it ended the same way.  I found myself stumbling backwards, only to be held up by his steadying arm and a cocky laugh.  “You’re soo mine tonight,” he said dramatically and turned back to his DJ equipment with a diva walk that would definitely make Beyonce jealous.
Never in a million years did I think I’d look forward to getting into bed with a cross-dresser.  You have officially gone off the deep-end, Arianna Larkins.

My mind went blank when I watched her walk out onto the patio.  I didn’t dare turn around and call to her because I knew she was trying to play it cool.  She commanded in the stilettos and her ass was so perfect that all I could think about was how much I wanted to bury myself in it.  Of course I had to watch how much I thought about it, because hiding a hard-on in my GaGa shorts was not going to be possible.
Her legs looked impossibly long with the fish-net stockings and platform stilettos that looked like ice picks.  Her hair was curled and pinned up in a crazy mess, showing off her beautiful neck.  Her necklace with the rings was hanging right where it belonged and my mouth watered at the thought of kissing her where it lay.  Her make-up darkly lined her eyes, causing them to shimmer in the light and her red lipstick looked sinful.  I was fairly sure that Andre had put more than two cents into the get-up.  I will have to thank her later. 
Her face was hysterical when she finally saw my costume and I would have paid a million bucks to have someone take a picture of the moment, but luck would have it that no one was around.  Then again, maybe luck is on my side because I have her all to myself before the party begins.  Down boy.  I couldn’t help but give her ass a healthy squeeze as I pulled her against me.  Kissing her made me basically fall apart and it took all I had to just pull back and leave her wobbling at the aftermath.  The kiss was different than the other ones, like she finally let herself come over to the dark side.  I can only hope she has made a decision because I don’t think I will be able to be in limbo much longer.
Soon everyone began filling up the house and spilling into the backyard.  There were numerous costume contests and of course I won the best of show.  Despite the pain and blisters, the reaction from everyone was worth it all.  Ari on the other hand won the sexiest, which upset me a bit because I was pretty sure my runway walk was more solid than hers.  The hottest couple costume went to Taylor and Rachel.
My heart soared when Taylor walked in with Rachel as his Bond girl, completely throwing me for a loop.  After mingling through the crowd and leaving Rachel with Ari and a couple of the other women, Py walked over and handed me a drink.
“Nice outfit, GaGa.  Looks like we should have been hitting up the drag-clubs in Europe instead of the karaoke bars,” he chirped as I took a swig of my beer.
“Whatever bitch, I’ve so outdone myself and it’s hot,” I smiled back as I watched him shake his head and grin.  “So, when was I going to be informed of this relationship change?”
“I figured Ari would have told you by now,” he said with a confused look on his face.  “We talked on Monday evening after she stopped out at your place and smoothed things out, I guess you could say…” he answered as he looked over at Rachel and Ari dancing to Rhianna’s Breaking Dishes.
“Are you okay with the decision that was made?” I asked sincerely.
“I’m okay with not losing my best friends,” he said as he turned towards me, holding up his beer bottle to toast with mine.  “Don’t fuck it up, dude.”
“I’m just worried she won’t want me either; I mean she didn’t even bother to tell me that she made a decision…”
“Despite the fact that she is still probably second guessing herself, I think it’s a given that she is all yours for the taking,” he answered honestly.
I felt the blood run warm through my body as he said these words, and I knew deep down that he was right.  Either way, this was the first time I ever noticed my heart being capable of beating for one person.

“I have never been grabbed in the ass by so many people in my life,” I whined as I carried in the empty food trays.
“I’ve never seen so many boys drool over one woman before,” Shane said as he took them from me.  “You did good, Ari,” he smiled.
“I’m going home,” I declared as I leaned over and unstrapped the shoes from my feet.  “I can’t walk another inch in these shoes and I’ve got a pounding headache from all the hairpins, plus, I need a shower,” I said as I looked around and saw that most everyone had left, including Rachel and Taylor who looked to be pretty into each other once more.
“Biz is upstairs getting undressed if you want to help him,” Andre announced as walked around the corner, smacking my ass one more time for good luck.
“The two of us in one of your bedrooms alone might be a bad idea.  Just let him know that I went back over to my house and he is welcome to come over if he wants to,” I said as I leaned in and kissed Shane’s cheek.  “I’ll be back over tomorrow sometime to help you get the rest of this place back in order.”
“Okay, see you tomorrow.”
My feet reveled in my flip-flops as I walked over to my house and within minutes I was in the shower and my headache was subsiding.  I combed through my wet hair with my fingers, threw on a pair of sweatpants and a tank-top and headed out to the patio to stare up at the night time sky.

“Andre, how do you women wear shoes like this?” I whined as I walked into the emptied living room and flopped down onto the couch.  She just laughed as walked over and held up the boots to study them one last time.
“I have to say I’m totally impressed.  You looked awesome tonight!” she exclaimed.
“I think I scared Ari…”
“I think you should head over to her house.  You are more than welcome to keep your DJ stuff here until tomorrow,” she said with a smile.
“Did she go home and not say goodnight to me?” I asked, pouting.
“She expressed her discomfort from her own costume and said to tell you that she was over at her place if you wanted to join her.”
That was all I needed to hear.  I quickly threw my t-shirt on and practically ran over to her house.  I got to the front door but as I went to raise my fist to knock on the door but quickly decided it against it and walked around to the back of the house, to her patio.  There, under the moonlight, I found Ari lying on the chaise-lounger, looking up at the clear night sky.  She was in a pair of sweatpants and a tank-top; it was obvious that she did not have a bra on because of how her boobs laid freely towards her sides.  I was mesmerized by the way the moonlight shined down on her face while she gazed upwards, looking at peace with herself.
“Are you going to stand there staring at me or are you going to come over here?” she asked with slight attitude.
“I was enjoying the view,” I answered as I took steps towards her.  I went to sit down in the chair next to her, but she sat up and grabbed my wrist, coaxing me onto her chair.  I scooped her up, sat down and then placed her between my legs so that she could rest back against me.  We sat staring at the stars for a few moments before I spoke.  “So, when were you going to tell me you were back on the market?”
“I’m not back on the market,” she answered simply.
“Well, Py said that you two had decided that it was best to stay friends.”
“Py didn’t lie.”
“Sooo…last time I checked, I had two boys I was involved with.  With Py and me staying friends, it means I still have another boy I am still involved with,” she recited as I looked down to find her shy smile creeping across her lips.
I leaned down and breathed in her freshly washed hair.  “You won’t be sorry for picking me,” I mumbled.
“I didn’t pick you; I finally admitted to myself that you have been the one all along…”
“So do you trust me now?” I asked.
“Trust is something you build and so far you have been doing honorably well, but I hope to work on just more than trust,” she spoke quietly.
“Will you be my girlfriend?” I asked seriously.
She turned her head so that she was looking at me and smiled, “I’d like that.”
I couldn’t help but lean down and capture the words in my mouth as soon as she spoke them.  These were the words I had wanted to hear since I met her and they felt even better than I could have ever imagined.  My hand tangled up in her wet hair as she twisted herself around to face me as she straddled my thighs.  Our kisses were slow but deliberate.
She pulled back at one point, “I think I like it better when you are scruffy,” she said like a child as she touched my smooth face.  “It is more you.”
“So you like me for me?” I asked with a chuckle.
“I don’t think I’d change you for the world,” she whispered as she kissed my crooked nose, like she was proving a point and then moved back to my lips.
We kissed for what seemed to be hours, until I couldn’t help but run my hands up under her tank-top and cup her free breasts.  She moaned out in my mouth with anticipation and I was moaning back as she arched towards me, grinding herself down on my hardening cock.
“As much as I wouldn’t mind taking you right here on your patio, I was wondering if maybe we could actually start out by having sex in your bed like a normal couple,” I breathed heavily into her ear.
She laughed lightly and nodded.  “Probably a good idea considering we know what happened last time we tried doing anything outside.  Plus, I’m not very quiet, so I don’t think my neighbors need to hear that.”
With that response, I picked her up and placed her on her feet.  I then took her hand and drug her into the house, racing up the steps to her bedroom.  She went to take off her shirt, but I grabbed her wrist and growled, “Let me.”  She dropped her hands down her side and looked at me with lustful eyes.  This taking it slow for a change is going to kill me if she keeps looking at me like that.
I took a deep breath to get control and walked around behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist as I pulled her back against me.  I lifted up her hair and began kissing her neck, right where her hair line met her skin, by her ear.  She shivered against me and whispered, “Paul, what are you doing?”
“I want to take my time with you for a change because I want to make you completely mine,” I answered between kisses as I way my way down to her collarbone.  While I kissed her, my hands were all over her, under her shirt, down her pants, dipping into her wetness and then back to her breasts.  I’d tease her by bringing her to the edge and then stopping, causing her to cry out in frustration.
All the while, the tension in my body was building and by the time I had her completely naked in front of me, it felt like I could fly a flag with my dick in hurricane force winds.  I finally moved around to the front of her and dropped down onto my knees, placing me right in front of her V.  Knowing what I was about to explore, she placed her hands on my shoulders to brace herself and obliged me when I coaxed her to spread her legs for easier access after I flicked my tongue across her slit.
I teased her for only a short time before delving into her dripping wet folds.  Instantly I felt her grip on my shoulders tighten and I supported her with my hands gripping tightly to her ass.  She tasted like a sweet dream and I couldn’t help but lap up her goodness.  I smiled when she cried out and almost collapsed as she came on my face.  I ran my tongue over her sensitive clit a few more times to produce some more tremors from her before kissing my way back up her stomach.  I eventually stood and pulled her against me, kissing her deeply as she lolled in my arms like a rag doll.
“You are amazing,” she cooed as she laid her head on my chest while he stood holding each other.
“Anything to please a princess,” I said as I kissed her hair.  “Now, for the main course,” I grinned as I picked her up and placed her on the bed.

I felt like I was in heaven as he crawled between my legs and pushed his solid length into me, slowly.  He is an amazing lover, whether it is rushed or taken slow.  He looked deep into my eyes as he rocked above me and murmured words of affection as he pushed deep inside of me.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist as I held on for the ride.  I could feel every inch of him and he made sure to give me the chance to memorize the feeling as he once again took control.
This was not the BizNasty sex I had been involved with in our other encounters, this was sex from a man who obviously wanted to shake my soul and show how much he could fulfill my every need.  I was lost in his arms and my heart was echoing the thoughts of my head that were applauding my decision that was no longer irrational.  In this moment, I knew I had chosen the right man to show me the world I had missed so much.
“You realize, now that I am in your bed, officially, I am not leaving,” he announced as the morning light spread across the wrinkled sheets that covered our bodies as we laid intertwined.  We had made love a few more times throughout the night, going back to our habit of getting little moments of shut-eye here and there.
“Oh, how so?” I asked curious to hear his goofy thoughts.
“This mattress is too fucking comfortable and I think I love the body pillow that comes with it,” he said as he pulled me tight against him.
“But I love the body pillow that comes with your bed,” I quipped back as I turned my head to smile and beg for a kiss.
“Maybe we can come up with some kind of compromise.  I can bring the frame to your house and we will put your mattress in it…”
“Not so fast killer,” I said as I laughed.
He nuzzled his face in my neck as he laughed along with me, “Damn, and here I thought I might have charmed you enough to make you gullible.”
“No, I don’t think you’ll ever make me that gullible,” I piped back.
“Oh, I’m pretty sure I found the spot that makes you say ‘yes’ to everything,” he said as I felt his hand come across my waist and slide down towards the V of my legs. 
I instantly squirmed to face him.  “That’s not fair Paul Bissonnette!” I cried.
“Everything in life is fair when it comes to love and war, princess.  Welcome to my world,” he chirped with his sexy grin as he trapped me under his large body, making me notice my heart and making me glad that I was apart of his world.


NHLhockeyFan said...

Veryyyy sad!!!!!!!! I wanted her and Taylor... But I guess I can't always get my way!
I wanted to say you are an amazing writer and please never stop!
I will say "shattered" has been my favorite of yours!
Keep up the great writing!:):):)

I Love Canadian Boys said...

Great end. I'm happy for Ari and Biz! And i'm glad Taylor ended up seeming pretty happy. Just another one of your great stories! Keep it up! :)