Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chapter 16

I know I'll see you again
Whether far or soon
But I need you to know, that I care
And I miss you

Ch. 16

What? This is the 2nd morning I wake up with a man…and of course it’s not the same man.  What the hell happened to the prude widow I used to be?!
His hand was possessively cupping my ass as I laid half on top of him, using his chest as a hard pillow.  Once again I awoke to him murmuring my name once or twice in his sleep as he ran his fingers lightly through my hair.  I instantly decided that I couldn’t lay here and think about who I was better with because I honestly didn’t know.  Both are amazing lovers and both make me feel like I never felt before.
The sex with Paul was nothing short of crazy and maddening.  It’s often rough and I found us pushing the envelope on what might constitute as pain or pleasure.  It’s raw and needful, turning me on in ways that I didn’t think were possible.  I would have never thought of biting Taylor the night before, like I just did with Paul.  He brings out the lioness in me and I must say that it has given me some of the best orgasms to date.
“I feel your brow furrowed,” Paul mumbled with his eyes still shut.  “Relax and go back to sleep, princess Ari.”
“What time do you need to be at the airport?  Are you all packed?”
“I packed before I came over for dinner last night and I don’t need to be at the airport for another 8 hours.  Until that time, you will be staying right here in bed with me,” he mumbled on.
“But what if I have plans?” I asked with a mischievous grin as I propped my chin on his chest, causing him to open one eye to look at me.
“Pyatt got you all day yesterday.  I get you today; plain and simple.”
“You make it sound like you are sharing me,” I grumbled, still not 100% comfortable about the fact that I was fucking two guys that were best friends whom were well aware of what was going on.
“We are, at least until you make up your mind,” he said as he closed his eye, awaiting the shit-storm he knew he would be causing with his words.
I sat up and put my hands on my hips, completely forgetting about the fact that I was stark naked.  “Excuse me?  Is this a joke or something?!”
“Sssh, you’re too loud,” he said tiredly as he reached out and grabbed my boobs, attempting to pull me back down on top of him.  “No joke.  I told Pyatt that I would not be backing down unless you proved to me that you aren’t in love with me.  After last night, I see that you I am possibly correct in my thinking.”
“And what is that thinking?” I asked, still slightly annoyed at his nonchalant attitude.
“You’re falling for me,” he grinned as he opened his chocolate brown eyes.
“You’re full of yourself.”
“I just know what I want and I don’t stop until I get it,” he growled as he got his hands around my back and pulled me back down to him, knowing that his strength was no match against my weak self.
“That attitude is what makes me so wary of you,” I protested as I tried pushing away from him.  
Next thing I knew he was on top of me and staring keenly into my eyes.  “Arianna, don’t doubt my feelings for you.  I may be rough around the edges at times, but I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I’m in love with you.  If you want me to go stand on top of the building and shout it out while naked, you can bet that I will.  Like I told you last night, everything I say to you is true.”
“That’s what scares me,” I whispered softly as I stared back into his eyes.
His hand came down and brushed some hair off my face as he kissed the spots where it laid.  “Mmm, Ari, I want you to be in my bed every night…”
“If that’s the case, I think now might be a good time to ask what you plan on doing when you are on road trips,” I asked as I raised an eyebrow.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, I won’t be there to police you.  Will you be faithful to me?”
“I could keep my dick in my pants if I knew I’d be coming home to shove it in you at the first chance I got.”
“That’s so romantic,” I groaned as I rolled my eyes.
“Knew you’d start seeing things my way,” he laughed back before becoming serious again.  “Arianna, you make me want to be a faithful boyfriend.  If you would tell me that I’m the one, I’d be a changed man.”
“I need time to make that decision,” I answered honestly.
“I’ll stay faithful until then.”
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”
“I don’t,” he said with loving eyes as his lips came down to meet mine, sealing his fate.

“What time did you get here?” she asked as she walked into her living room and found me lying on her couch, with Yas lying curled up next to me.
“About an hour ago,” I yawned as I stretched out.
“You should have called me,” she said as she sat down on the floor, next to the couch so that she was eye level with me.  She was glowing.  Glowing like Biz said she did after he had his way with her.
“I promised Biz I’d leave you alone.  He wanted the same courtesy I was afforded yesterday,” I grumbled as I tasted the bitterness on my tongue.  It made me sick knowing that he had her in his arms all night.
“I don’t know what to do,” she blurted out.
“I don’t know either,” I mumbled.  “I love you though…” I began to say but a look that crossed her face made me stop.
Taylor, I don’t need to hear anymore I love you’s until I figure this out,” she said with a hurt look in her eyes.
I took a deep breath and just nodded.  “I understand.”
“I’m just so confused and I don’t know which way to go.  I just wish this was easier,” she cried as she ran her fingers through her thick hair.
“I wish I would have told you earlier…” I began.
She looked up and asked, “What changed?  I mean I always thought you were sexy and I’ve always been comfortable around you, but I don’t understand why all of a sudden you are professing your love for me and I’m saying it right back.  All while that is going on, I’m driving to Biz’s apartment and climbing in bed with him.  There is something seriously messed up with me…”
“Sssh, no there is not,” I said as I took her face into my hands.  “Take your time, I’ll be here waiting for you when you figure out what you want,” I declared as my heart clenched, knowing that there was a big possibility of being on the losing side of things.

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“Biz, seriously, do you have to use me as your fucking pillow?” Py growled as I folded my tiny complementary pillow and placed it against his shoulder as we flew high above the Atlantic Ocean.
“You promised you wouldn’t be cranky on this road trip…” I mocked.
“I won’t be if you let me get sleep,” he scowled.
“I’ll tell Ari,” I jokingly whimpered.  “You’re not allowed to be mean on me.”
This earned me a nice glare from old blue eyes.  “And I will tell her that you were being your normal annoying-self.  I’m sure she’d side with me instantly,” he snapped.
He’s probably right.
“Fiiinne.  I’ll just turn the other way and get a crick in my neck,” I whined as I began to turn so that I would be facing away from him.
I heard him huff before he spoke.  “Do you want the window seat?”
A smile grew across my face but I quickly wiped it away as I turned back towards him and asked, “Are you sure?  I don’t want to make you uncomfortable…”
“Shut the fuck up and just move,” he growled.
“Thanks buddy!” I smiled broadly and scooted underneath him as he stood up.  This could either be a very long trip or a fun one; it would all depend on how the two of us kept up our fake façade of not being pissed off at one another. 
To my horny dismay my last goodbye from Ari was a hot kiss before she walked out of my apartment, telling me to be safe and behave.  It took all I had not to whisk her back into my bed for another round. 
As we boarded the plane, she texted both Py and me the identical messages: Be safe. Good Luck. See you when you get back and hopefully I’ll have made my decision.

Europe was amazing, just like it was when I was in Sweden with the Penguins a couple years ago.  Many families of the European guys on our roster were on hand, meeting us on our day trips and tours of the countryside.  The nightlife was insane and it took a lot of discipline to not get myself in trouble, but having Pyatt with me, kept me honest.  Of course, it didn’t stop me from having a good time.
“Where are you headed?” Py asked as he walked out of the bathroom, finding me in my coat.
“Woliski, Turris, Uppy and I are headed out to some karaoke bar for a couple beers and songs,” I announced.  “You game?”
He looked down at his bare feet and then over to his phone that was lying on the bed, on top of his swimming trunks.  “Um, I think I’m just gonna hang out here.  I wanted to go down and swim a couple laps and relax in the hot tub for a bit,” he said quietly.
“You can do that in the states, bro.”
He took in a deep breath and said, “Look, what I’d really like to do is call Ari without you in the room.  Give me the directions to the bar and I will meet you out there,” he said with an almost annoyed tone.
“Oh,” I mouthed.  “Um, sure, I will write down the address for you and we’ll see you out there.”
“Do you want me to tell her you said, “Hi?” he asked seriously.
“Nah, not necessary.  I already talked to her a little bit ago.
“Oh, okay,” he said now sounding disappointed that I beat him to it.
“Alrighty, well, I’ll see you later.”
Ari actually had seemed to be surprised when she answered her phone and heard my voice on the other end.
“Hello?” she answered, sounding like she was pre-occupied with something else.
“Hello, Princess,” I said with a big smile.
“Paul?!  Wow, I didn’t expect to hear from you.”
“I figured I’d call and check in with you at least once or twice, just in case you forgot about me.”
I heard her smile into the phone, “I don’t think there is a chance of that.  How is it over there?”
“It’s amazing, but I wish you were here to see it with me,” I answered honestly.  I had seen so many beautiful places that I know she would have gone crazy over.  Plus, there was always that romantic aura about Europe, no matter what country you were in.
“You are just saying that to kiss my ass,” she giggled into the phone.  I could almost see her biting her lip and looking shyly down at her feet.
“You can think whatever you want, Senorita, but I only speak the truth.  So, since we are being so truthful, do you miss me?” I asked as I watched the people stroll by the café table I was sitting at.
“Nope.  I’ve actually been having the time of my life.  I’ve been out every night, dancing and getting all liquored up.  The kids asked me today if I was on drugs because my eyes were so bloodshot,” she said, trying her hardest not to let her laughter leak into her words.
“Damn! You’ve so been holding out on me, woman!  And here I am behaving myself as all these beautiful Czech women try to grind up on me and beg for some BizNasty!” I retorted.
Her laugh rang into my ears, “Okay, if you buy that, then I have a very special ocean front property to sell you here in Arizona.”
“So what have you really been doing?” I asked.
“Hanging out at the Doan house, getting my swim on.”
“Hmm, the view there might actually be a little better than the one I have here…”
“Yeah, okay…” she quipped sarcastically.
“I miss you, Ari,” I said emotionally into the phone, because this truly was the first time I actually missed a woman besides my mother or sister.
I heard her hesitate, like she might be saying something that shouldn’t be said.  “I never thought I’d be saying this, but I miss you too, Paul.”
A big grin came across my face as I did a small fist pump in the air.  Keep walking lady, who thinks I look weird because my girl just said she missed me! BOOM.  “Well, I better go before I rack up a $1000 phone bill that I might have to beg Upshall to pay for.”
I heard her giggle, “Okay, keep having fun and good luck with your game on Wednesday.  I’ll see if I can find it on the internet or something.”
“Thanks, princess.  I love you and I’ll call you again later on in the week.”
“Okay, bye Paul.”
I so just told the woman I loved her.  Wow, I’ve really gone off the deep end. 

The week was crawling by.  I was bored out of my mind and I just wanted the boys to get home.  Both Paul and Taylor called me a couple times each.  Paul of course was more upbeat sounding, Taylor on the other hand seemed depressed and my heart ached for him.  Unfortunately, I was not closer to a decision than I was before they left.
“You need to choose, Ari.  If you don’t you are going to lose them both,” Andre said as we drove to the mall to find Halloween costumes for the team party that the Doan’s were holding at the end of the month.
“You make it sound so easy,” I said flustered.
“Well, who are you most comfortable with?”
“Okay…who makes you laugh the most?”
“Who do you have the most fun with?”
“Um…that’s a tough one…” I said.  Andre looked over at me and gave me a look of annoyance that told me I had to pick one, so I blurted out, “Paul, I guess?”
“Who do you find yourself thinking about throughout the day?”
“And how about at night?”
I laughed, “You have a dirty mind.”
“Answer the question,” she said in a taunting sing-song voice.
I could feel myself blush as I looked down at the floorboard of the car and mumbled, “Paul.”
“So he is good in bed!  I knew it!” she exclaimed as she slapped the steering wheel.
“Shut-up!” I yelled back, feeling the heat fully rise into my face.
“Don’t be such a prude, Ari!  You sooo have to dish it.”
I looked over at her and nervously played with my hands in my lap before exclaimed out, “Ohmygosh he’s completely amazing.  I’ve never had experiences like that with any man.”
Andre just laughed at my sudden brashness and then she got serious.  “Ari, do you think you are looking at Taylor as a serious choice because of how comfortable you are around him?”
“That is definitely something I’ve thought about,” I answered honestly.  I threw my hands up in the air and plopped them down onto my lap again, dramatically.  “He’s been my best guy friend since Steven passed.  He understands what I’m going through.  It’s nice to have that, you know?”
“I’m sure you can still have that if you don’t pick him,” Andrea said quietly.
“Paul makes me feel out of control though; he is just so different from any guy I have ever met.  He’s totally cocky and almost boarders on being a pompous ass at times.  His self-esteem is incredible and I feel like we are complete opposites at times; like I wouldn’t even find myself in his group if we just happened to meet in the street.”
“But I honestly need to tell you that you glow when you are around him, whether you are annoyed at him or not.  I saw how you were with him that night at Upshall’s party.  He holds your attention and you let your guard down with him when you don’t realize it,” she pointed out with enthusiasm as we pulled into the parking spot.
“So are you telling me that I should take the chance with getting hurt?”
“I am telling you that it’s okay to feel out of control.  I’m pretty sure you’d come to find a nice balance between the two of you if you got into a serious relationship.  After seeing Biz basically go through hoops for you a couple times, I’m pretty sure he’s serious about wanting things to work.”
I sat in the car a moment as I watched her get out and close the door.  I know she is right, but I just don’t know if I can take that scary first step into the unknown.


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Noooooooooo biz! I really hope she doesn't pick biz! My heart will break for Taylor also!
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