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Chapter 2

a/n: noticed from your comments that many of you don't know much about the Yotes... well, don't let it deter you from reading more... make sure you check out some pictures of the boys (especially Paul Bissonnette and Taylor Pyatt) and I'll make sure I post some tomorrow for you!

I see you looking, I know what you are thinking, that I will never go anywhere.
Too bad the things that make you mad are my favorite things.
And I’m so happy.

Ch 2

Oh great, I get stuck with the tool… just my fuckin’ luck.

Everyone split up, which left me walking with the Biz character, alone.  Thank goodness we were only a few classrooms away from mine, so that I didn’t have to be uncomfortable for too long.  He respected my personal space as we walked but when I turned to ask him to wait so that I could announce him, I found him so close that I the scent of his cologne overpowered my senses.  I felt like I had to shake my head to clear the smell from my nose, but instead I stammered, “Um, can you please just wait here for a moment so that I may introduce you properly?”
“Well, I was thinking of introducing myself properly to you tonight, at dinner.  I don’t think right now would be completely appropriate…” he said with a chuckle but completely serious, forcing me to look up and him and glare.
I took a deep breath, trying not to take in anymore of his strong cologne because I was afraid of starting with a sneezing attack.  “I think you have it all wrong…” I started but was quickly cut off with a smug response.
“Oh no, I definitely have it right, but we can save that conversation for later,” he said with a sly smile that put me on edge once more.
I shook my head and turned back to the door because I was not going to waste my breath arguing with him, at least not right now.  I stepped into the classroom, where my aid already had the kids sitting on the floor, waiting extra patiently for their storyteller.  I hoped they couldn’t tell how unwrapped I was feeling at the moment because I could swear I could feel his eyes burning a hole through my back as he stared through the window of the door.
“Well kids, it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for.  Your storyteller for the day is Mr. Bissonnette from the Phoenix Coyotes, so lets give him applause to let him know we are ready for him,” I said to the 20 bright eyed children that I had been teaching for the last month.  Their claps and cheers brought Paul barging into the room like he was a big-time wrestler.  He jumped through the door and did some silly karate jump with the book in hand, making the kids laugh out of control; even I couldn’t help to smile. 
He brought along Lane Smith’s the True Story of the 3 Little Pigs, which turned out to be the best choice ever for this character of a man.  He did his own introduction, including establishing the fact that Mr. Bissonnette was his grandfather and that no one even called his dad Mr. Bissonnette; so it was imperative that they call him Biz.  The kids thought this was great and I had to shush them to get their attention off the side conversations they had begun amongst each other with all their bubbling excitement. 
Paul was perfect.  A perfect goof ball that is.  He did all the voices, even acted out some of the parts at request of some of the kids.  This tall, muscular man acted like the biggest kid in the world and the kids couldn’t get enough.  I was thankful for his enthusiasm because this is exactly what I wanted the kids to realize; that reading really could be fun.
I sat behind the kids, watching his antics and laughing along with everyone else in the room.  When he was done reading the kids stood up and gave him a standing ovation as he bowed and said his theatrical “thank you’s.”  I walked up to the front of the room to announce that we would be heading to lunch and that afterwards we would be going to the multi-purpose room for the assembly with the rest of the hockey players.
As usual with little kids, a hand flew up as a question.  “Yes, Brian?”
“Can Biz eat lunch with us, Miss Larkins?”
I couldn’t help for a small laugh to pass through my mouth as I started to answer, “Um, I think Biz is a little too old to want to sit with us at the lunch tables…”
“I’d be happy to eat lunch with you guys!” he exclaimed, effectively cutting me off.  I looked over at him to find him intently staring into my eyes as he smiled, largely.  Again a weird feeling floated through me and I quickly looked turned away and to my dismay I said to the excited cheers that were coming from my students, “Okay, I guess we are eating lunch with Biz.”

“Can I sit here too?” I asked as I walked over to Ari’s class lunch table after seeing the pleading look in her face.
“Get your own class, Pyatt,” Biz chirped jokingly as I set my tray down on the other side of Ari.
“How did it go?” Ari asked as soon as I got myself comfortable.  She looked a little annoyed that I didn’t sit between her and Biz, but I figured she could deal.  Ari had a little bit of a problem when it came to getting new people, especially when they were totally different from her.  It’s not that she wasn’t open to meeting new people, but like most people she was more comfortable around people like herself.  Biz was definitely not like Arianna.  She was often shy and most of the time quiet.  Obviously, Biz was not the quiet type and he unquestionably was not shy.
I looked over at her and smiled, “It went really well actually.  The kids loved my book and I have to say that Miss Sharp is very nice.”
I watched a smile play across her full lips and she winked as she whispered, “She’s single and she is always actively looking.”
Before I could say anything, Biz was all over it.  “Sweet, checkin’ out the teachers!  Maybe we can double date!” he exclaimed a little louder than necessary as he reached in front of Ari and held out his hand for a fist bump from me.  Luckily the kids were too enthralled with the fact that there were two hockey players eating lunch with them, so I don’t think they registered the adult talk.
However, Ari did and she quickly turned to him and I’m pretty sure gave him the look of death I had seen once or twice before.  I then heard her hiss in a quiet, but warning tone, “Excuse me Mr. Bissonnette, don’t forget where you are at right now.”
It took all I had not to bust into stitches when I watched Biz’s face twist into what looked like a cross between a child that had just been scolded and a man drooling in lust.  He slowly pulled his arm back down onto his lap as he just kept staring at her.  It was quite a look and it was at that point I realized that Arianna was in a lot of trouble.  Biz had it bad for her.
As soon as we walked out of the school and over to my car, he started in.
“How do I get her to go on a date with me?  Can you get me her number?  I want her to play my teacher in the bedroom, I’m all for being put in time-out by that raven haired beauty…”
“If you mess with her, I swear I’ll have your ass shipped to Edmonton,” Shane growled.
Biz threw his shoulder around Shane’s neck and pulled him into a semi-headlock as we walked.  “Come on Shane, help a guy out…”
Shane pushed him off and growled, “You don’t need help in the bed romping department buddy, I’ve been witness to the revolving door more than once and I won’t let you do that to Ari.  Besides, from what I saw, she doesn’t want anything to do with you.”
“Even more of a reason to go after her; I like challenges,” he said with a cocky smile.
“Dude, really?  You will be playing with fire on this one.  Not only will you have the Doan’s to deal with, but I will have to throw you off the Grand Canyon if you hurt her, Biz.” I added.
He stopped before climbing into his lifted, white, F-150 and turned to look at us.  “Do you guys think I’m that much of a jerk?” He asked, actually acting surprised that we thought he was a player.
“Yes,” Scottie, Shane and I said at the same time while Woliski and Marty just nodded their heads, trying to not to laugh at the scene unfolding in front of them.
I watched as Biz opened the door of the truck and before climbing in, he stabbed an imaginary knife into his chest.  “Ouch, I’m hurt.  Just for this, I’m going to prove to you that I can be in a serious relationship and that I can be the perfect gentleman with a woman that I have serious feelings about it,” he said proudly.
“How do you know you have serious feelings for her when you don’t even know her?” I asked, trying to figure out where he got the idea that he might have a remote chance getting with her.
“I’m going to get to know her.  Duh,” he smarted back.
I shot back, “This isn’t a game, Biz.”
“That’s right, it’s not,” he said with the most honest face I had ever seen.

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